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Health Screening

Haemoglobin is a respiratory protein found in the red blood cells. It is composed of a protein group called globin and four heme groups each with one iron atom. In the lungs each iron atom combines reversibly with an oxygen molecule. Hence oxygen is carried through the bloodstream to the various organs and tissues of the body. By measuring the level of haemoglobin in somebody’s blood we can tell if that person is anaemic or not. The following table shows the desirable, borderline and deficient levels for men and women:

Desirable Men 13-18 g/dl
Women 11.5-16 g/dl
Borderline Men 11-13 g/dl
Women 9.5-11.5 g/dl
Low Men <11 g/dl
Women <9.5 g/dl

- cholesterol,
- glucose,
- blood pressure,
- body mass index.
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