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Health Screening
Blood ressure

Blood pressure measurement is available anytime at the Pharmacy and there is no charge for the service. It is important for those on blood pressure medication and those with a history of hypertension in the family to have their blood pressure checked regularly. Hypertension becomes a very serious issue when it is not controlled. Regular testing is the first step in achieving that control.

Anyone with a high reading will be referred to their General Practitioner for diagnosis and intervention. Although 120/80 (Systolic pressure=120; diastolic pressure=80) is cited as the ideal measurements, various factors such as age will alter the desired level of the reading. Three readings will be taken as there is often variation between one reading and the next. The average reading gives a better reflection of the actual blood pressure.

- cholesterol,
- glucose,
- heamoglobin,
- body mass index.
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